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Dec. 18th, 2017 03:22 pm
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T)(is is Feferi!
As you can PLAINLY S-EA, I'm not )(ere rig)(t now, sorry. 38(
So, leave your message at t)(e glub.



Aug. 22nd, 2016 12:20 am
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How's my driving with Feferi? Is she too bubbly? Too secretly B-EAC)(Y? Not enough of either of those?

Let me know! All comments are screened.
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F-EF-ERI )(as one of t)(e most ANNOYING quirks in all of )(omestuck! As you can PLAINLY S-EA, s)(e replaces all instances of t)(e letter "H" wit)( a representation of )(er sign: ♓ Any capital letter "E"s, s)(e puts a LIN-E in front of so it looks MOR-E LIK-E A TRID---ENT!!

S)(e is V-ERY -EXCIT-ED about t)(ings, makes T-ERRIBUBBL--E ocean/fis)( puns, and makes smiley faces wit)( a tiara and goggles like t)(is: 38)

If you'd like me to knock off Feferi's quirk when talking with her, just let me know here! All comments are screened.

(You're stuck with the fish puns though. Sorry.)
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NAME: Funk
AGE: 26
JOURNAL: beamspams @ DW
IM: Journal PM is fine
PLURK: beamspams @ plurk
E-MAIL: cantfakethefunk at gmail dot com

CHARACTER NAME: Feferi Peixes / Witch of Life
SERIES: Homestuck
CHRONOLOGY: After her death and dream bubble shenanigans
CLASS: Hero with the blood potential for corruption!

BACKGROUND: On the planet of Alternia live a race of trolls, somewhat humanoid aliens who possess gray skin and horns, and who live in a society strictly segregated by the hemospectrum - the color of one's blood. The highest castes are the sea-dwelling trolls with purple blood; Feferi's rare tyrian purple blood means that she is of the imperial line and will one day fight the reigning Empress for the throne. However, at her age she is more concerned with a fascinating little computer game called Sgrub that some of her acquaintances and friends are going to play.

Feferi and her friends enter the game of Sgrub in time to escape Gl'bgolyb's (a massive sea-dwelling eldritch abomination that also raised her) Vast Glub, its death cry that killed all the trolls, and the destruction of their planet of Alternia. Sgrub is a live-action game wherein real players enter a mysterious realm called the Incipisphere and are instructed to pass through a number of Gates on their individual World to ascend in the levels of their character Class. Essentially, it's an RPG played in real life. The ultimate goal of Sgrub is to deal with the war between the dark kingdom of Derse and the light kingdom of Prospit and to prevent the destruction of the sacred battlefield of Skaia.

Of course, the ULTIMATE ultimate goal of Sgrub is to create a new universe. After Feferi - in this session, the Witch of Life in the Land of Dew and Glass - and her friends defeated the Black King of Derse and won the game, they created the human universe in which we live. However, before they could claim their prize, they were attacked by a new enemy. It was Jack Noir, a Derse agent somehow possessing tremendous power, who had come here from the very universe that they had created, borne of a similar session of Sgrub (or as the humans called it, Sburb) played by human children.

The trolls managed to escape past Derse into the Veil, a group of asteroids between the Incipisphere of the game and the Furthest Ring, taking shelter in an abandoned science facility on an asteroid while talking to the newfound human kids and waiting for Jack Noir to find them and kill them. Shortly afterwards, several of the trolls went on murderous rampages, resulting in the deaths of several others - including Feferi herself. Still, she lives on in the mysterious "dream bubbles" created by the gods of the furthest ring.

And that's where she comes from right now.


In a word, Feferi is bubbly - and not just because it's a convenient oceanic pun, either. She's relentlessly upbeat, almost always seen with a tremendous smile on her face, and readily admits that she gets -EXCIT-ED about pretty much everything and anything. She's energetic, kind-hearted, and despite the privilege and prestige of her blood rarely acts snobbish about matters relating to the trolls' hemospectrum. While she acknowledges her role as the heir to the Alternian throne, she never seems to look down on anyone lesser than her (which is everybody) for it. She is excited and perky when talking to everybody from the very lowest of society on up.

Feferi acknowledges the cruelty and inequality inherent in troll society, and plans to change things should she ever ascend to the throne. Instead of the omnipresent troll concept of 'culling' - that is, the state-sanctioned slaughter of the vulnerable or weak, as well as those who do not contribute to the propagation of their race - Feferi would institute a policy of caring for those in need of aid (hence her Trollian handle of "cuttlefishCuller" being much less morbid than it appears).

However, Feferi isn't all sunshine and happiness. As a general rule of thumb on Alternia, the higher on the hemospectrum one is the less stable their blood becomes - a perfectly friendly-seeming troll might suddenly snap and go on a homicidal rampage. And Feferi is the highest on the hemospectrum there is. While we never see her bad side as we do the other highbloods - one of which beats up robots to excise his rage and the other three of which all go on killing sprees - it's clear that Feferi has a less savory side to her as well.

To put it plainly, she can be a real jerk sometimes. She insults Jade when they speak, calling her "retarded" and "stupid" for not knowing things that Jade would have no idea of knowing (like what a lusus is, or that Feferi is actually dead at the time), though she is ostensibly speaking to the human girl to help her. She feigns depression to elicit sympathy from Vriska - only to reveal that she was just pranking the other troll in the first place - and speaks with exasperation to Karkat when he attempts to (poorly) warn everybody about Eridan and Gamzee's murderous rampages. She may not be as outright violent as the other highbloods, but she still has a sharply passive-aggressive and rude streak in her conversations.

Furthermore, Feferi spent many years - her whole troll life, really - as an accomplice to the murder of other troll childrens' lusii, in order to feed their corpses to her lusus, mighty Gl'bgolyb. If she did not keep the monstrosity fed, naturally, Gl'bgolyb would have raised her voice and killed all of trollkind, so her duty was a quite important one. Even if she was never the one to kill the lusii in question, however (that we know of), Feferi admits that it was a constant burden on her to keep her own lusus fed. She does say she "loves them" and "wouldn't have them any other way," though whether or not that is more a result of her peppy personality keeping her resilient or the more violent impulses of her blood is unclear.

Beyond that, Feferi is also eerily fond of - and okay with - the mysterious horrorterror inhabitants of the Furthest Ring, which are essentially Homestuck's answer to Cthulhu and his ilk. This is to be expected, of course, given that the closest thing to a mother figure Feferi ever had was very much a similar kind of being and she was very fond of her lusus. Still, her easy and worry-free association with that which is grimdark and eldritch is seemingly at odds with her perky and bubbly personality.

The other relationship worth noting as central to her character is that of her relationship to the other sea-dwelling troll, Eridan Ampora, who begins the story as her moirail (a type of troll romance that involves platonic pacifying of one's partner). Eridan, in contrast to Feferi, is a proper highblood and aristocrat: He is cruel, he looks down on land-dwellers and lowbloods (with varying degress of success), and he dreams (or claims to dream) of one day exterminating all trolls outside of the seadwelling aristocracy. But while Eridan's own dedication to this goal is quite suspect, Feferi acts as the "pacifying" moirail, doing her best to keep him out of trouble and unable to pose the danger to their people that he'd always planned. However, while she in all respects is and has been a very dutiful and fairly effective morail, the constant vigilance and pacifiying ends up taking an exhausting toll on her - and once their people are all but extinct, reduced to the handful of trolls that even Eridan considers friends, Feferi shows no hesitation in "breaking up" with him as his moirail, and rejecting further romantic offers from him in favor of being just plain-old-no-moirail-friends.

Even Feferi's endless bubbliness has its limits, after all. And when Eridan knocks out and maims Feferi's friend (and potential romantic interest) Sollux, she turns on him with her weapon with clear intent to severely injure if not kill someone she'd once cared about deeply. This act ends up getting her killed, as Eridan is much quicker on the draw than she was.

Feferi's friendly persona is hardly a fake. She really is genuinely caring and adamant that her blood does not make her better than anybody else. She is the one to suggest aiding the human kids and being friendly with them rather than trolling them, and she really did want the best for Eridan - as well as the rest of her entire race. But there are darker streaks to her as well, and it's possible that even bright, perky Feferi would someday have followed in the path of her Empress ancestor to become a cruel, domineering tyrant.

Good thing it never came to that, huh?

WITCH OF LIFE: As the Witch of Life, Feferi has been granted powerful "white magic" as it might be termed in a videogame - essentially, she's a healer. She's able to heal even the most grievous of wounds, restore energy and stamina to exhausted allies - and even raise the recently-killed. The more severe the injuries, the longer it takes for her to work the magic, and the more it exhausts her; she might be able to heal little cuts and bruises in the middle of a battle, but someone who's been impaled would have to wait until she was no longer occupied - and raising the dead would pretty much make her pass out.

Her Life powers also extend to her a middling healing factor; she can't immediately regenerate a wound a la Wolverine, but injuries that should take weeks to recover from would be healed in a matter of hours for her.

FISHY FRIENDS: Feferi can talk to fish and any other aquatic animal, being able to convince them to do her bidding and aid her and her friends.

WATERPOWER: When Feferi is in the water her physical abilities dramatically increase. She becomes extremely fast to the point of near-superspeed, her strength, stamina and toughness are boosted exponentially and her healing factor goes into overdrive, allowing her to pretty much heal around wounds as they happen. However, though she becomes a tremendous physical combatant in the water, this power has no effect out of it. Naturally, she is fully capable of breathing underwater.

COMMUNITY POST (VOICE) SAMPLE: -- cuttlefishCuller [CC] began trolling The City --

CC: Well )(-ELLO T)(-ER-E!!
CC: Glub glub glub GLUB!
CC: T)(is is certainly a big SURPRIS---E! 38O
CC: I never t)(oug)(t I'd end up swimming in a new sea like t)(is before!
CC: Actually, I never t)(oug)(t I'd end up swimming in a new sea -EV-ER AGAIN because I was KRILL-ED by a )(UG-E J-ERKFIN >38( but t)(at's not important rig)(t now.
CC: W)(at's important is t)(at I'm Feferi Peixes, and it's nice to meet everybubbly out t)(ere!
CC: I say meet, even t)(oug)( I really )(aven't met anyone FAC-E TO FAC-E yet, I'm sure we will before too long, and t)(at will be R-E-ELY GR---EAT!! 38)
CC: I used to be t)(e )(eiress to t)(e t)(rone of t)(e Alternian Empire, but t)(en it was destroyed so t)(ose plans just went rig)(t overboard! O)( W)(AL-E.
CC: I'm reely excited to be )(ere!!
CC: Actually, I'm reely excited to be anyw)(ere at all rig)(t now, because like I said before, )(UG-E J-ERKFIN. UG)(.
CC: But I'm pretty sure t)(is isn't one of t)(e dream bubbles t)(ey glubbed up in t)(e Furt)(est Ring, eit)(er!
CC: So I don't t)(ink it's an afterlife, but maybe it could be?
CC: Maybe we're ALL D-EAD?? 38O
CC: Are you dead too? You s)(ould tell me! T)(ere's not)(ing wrong wit)( being dead.
CC: A good friend of mine was dead once you know!!
CC: Anyway, if t)(is is t)(e afterlife, or even if t)(ere isn't, maybe t)(ere are ot)(er trolls )(ere! So, if t)(ere are, I just wanted to know...
CC: Anyway it's really nice to meet everyone w)(o isn't a troll, and if you are a troll, t)(en please don't keep me wading! 38(

LOGS POST (PROSE) SAMPLE: Water hits her face, and then her shoulders and back and arms and every other bit down to her feet and toes as she dove into the oceanfront depths, feeling the top-level waves that threatened to drive her back towards the shore give way to the currents beneath that tugged and pulled her away from the land. Feferi opens her mouth, letting the cold sea water enter, breathing it in - the shock as it enters her lungs, forcefully expelling the air that was there, is never pleasant at first. It's suffocating, and even painful... but soon the air is all gone, trickling to the surface in streams of silvery bubbles, and with the water inside her lungs at equilibrium with the blue ocean around her, she begins to breathe again. Not that the land-dwellers would really consider it breathing, of course, but it's just what she's always done.

This ocean tastes strange. Something feels ever-so-slightly off about it; it has currents and eddies and everything that an ocean is supposed to have, but Feferi has spent a long time learning how to read the waves, and these waves aren't hers to read. Plus, nearby the big human city the ocean does taste a bit gross - she needs to swim further out to finally get the sense of clean ocean water passing over her gills. Not that it's a deal-breaker for her, of course - it's wonderful to be able to stretch her fins and just swim and swim, faster than she's ever been able to swim before, even if it isn't her sea.

And then it hits her: The silence is overbearing. This is the first time she's gone swimming in something like her sea in a barkbeast's age, and she can't hear her lusus. Not that she ever could really hear her lusus from far away, no - if great Gl'bgolyb's voice had ever grown so loud it would have been a tragedy - but there were always those little silent dark whispers in the back of her mind; whispers that told her when Gl'bgolyb wanted to see her, or when she was starting to feel hungry, or perhaps just a bit lonely. She'd always heard them before, but now they were gone.

Now her lusus was gone, too. Now all of Alternia was gone. And it's not like she hasn't spent time privately mourning her lusus, her planet and her race all in her own way, either - she was going to change things, dammit, once she'd inherited the throne - but for a moment, Feferi feels... free. More free than she's felt in a very long time, in fact.

Even if there were no Gl'bgolyb and no Alternia, there was no more reigning-Empress around to saunter off her golden throne and discreetly slit her would-be-usurper's throat in the middle of the night. Which is one worry off her mind, really. Hell, there was't an Alternian Empire anymore at all, which really simplifies any concerns she might have had about running the damn thing in the first place once she ascended to the throne.

No lusus to feed. No Imperious Condescension to fear. No empire to manage. And without the weight of having to keep Eridan in line around her neck anymore, the last of her obligations is gone. She's free to swim through this grand ocean of possibility without sinking under the lead weights of responsibility, or some other terrible metaphor like that.

Feferi glubs quietly to herself as she does somersaults under the waves, watching light flicker down through the surface to her. It's not like she doesn't have any responsibilities left, after all - they're just not the official ones. In this place, in this foreign human City, she's a hero. A real, geniune hero who has the power to save people. What more could someone who wanted to change things ever want? And her friends - the other surviving trolls - there are so many of them around as well, more than she'd ever imagined could wind up in a place like this!

They're almost all here. Which means they can rebuild. And obligations be damned, she's going to help her friends rebuild whether she's the next in line for the throne or not.

But that means she'll have to deal with him.

She can still feel the impact on her chest, if she closes her eyes. She can feel the way it burst through her in a quick flash of agonizing pain before it shattered her spine and she felt nothing at all anymore. She can feel the betrayal she'd felt in that one instinct that had enraged her enough to take up arms against someone she'd once called a dear friend. The wound in her chest has vanished, but the pain from the betrayal still lingers - he'd killed her. And apparently, she hadn't been the only one.

And yet, after all of that, she still can't find it in her collapsing and expanding bladder-based aquatic vascular system to hate Eridan Ampora. She doesn't quite know how she feels about the other sea troll, but she can't quite hate him. (Goodness knows he'd probably proposition her for a kismesis if she did. That would be terribly awkward). Especially not after she's been given this second chance.

She'll just have to not waste it.

Feferi is dead back home, but will be perfectly alive here. Her only possession is her double-pronged trident, or 2x3dent, which serves as her primary weapon. She also has a bag full of water and little cuttlefish. She will, if it's okay, be retaining her troll appearance and body.

(EDIT: This app had revisions done with a change to her power set and an extended background!)


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